AUK Foundation Program
AUK Foundation Program

Get ready to study at a university in English, improve your English speaking, listening, writing and reading skills and pass your language proficiency test for higher education.


AUK programs and courses require an English language proficiency qualification as modules are taught in English. Language proficiency tests are a mandatory requirement for admission to many universities worldwide.


AUK Foundation program is a 27-week course aimed to improve learners’ confidence when writing, speaking, reading and listening in English. It will also prepare students to continue their study in English at a university and introduce them to the English proficiency test format by walking them through the test scenarios. Excellent English will help students enhance their potential and achieve their goals.


This 6-month course is divided into seven topics that navigate the many aspects and challenges which global-thinking professionals face while living, working, and studying in an English-speaking environment. Each week you will cover a different subject area, and build on your writing, speaking, listening, and reading skills. Under the guidance of your instructor, you will develop the confidence to succeed and meet your English language goals.


AUK Foundation is a tailored program, developed by AUK faculty that prepares you to study at university in English. American University Kyiv (AUK) is a world-class private university based in Ukraine. AUK has partnered with Arizona State University, (#1 in the United States for innovation), to give students US-quality education, all graduate programs are taught in English.


Learning outcomes
Hone your English language skills

Improve your listening, speaking, academic reading, and writing skills.

Get test-ready

Develop test-taking strategies and achieve your language goals.

Gain test tips

Understand English language test formats, layout, and the exercises involved. Gain time management tips and overcome common challenges faced by non-native speakers.

Apply critical thinking

Apply communication and critical thinking skills to pass your English test with flying colors.

Work in teams

Learn how to work in pairs, groups, and teams.

Get to know AUK Faculty and approaches to student education at AUK

Discover the features of the educational process in a world-class university.

This course is designed for
This course is designed for
  • Learners who plan to continue their study at a university in English.
  • Learners who are planning to take an English language proficiency test in order to gain entry to AUK or other world-class universities.
Program structure

The program lasts from November 14, 2022 to May 2023, 2 terms with a 2-week break for holidays.

The program structure includes the following modules, divided into seven different topics. Each week you will improve your reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills with comprehension of the English language. Having mastered these topics, you will increase your confidence in effective and fluent communication.

1st Term (12 weeks)

1. Relationships and human interaction
2. Places and architecture
3. Education and employment

1st January – 14th January – holidays

2nd term (19 weeks)

4. Food and drink culture
5. Consumerism in a modern world
6. Traveling and transportation
7. Leisure and education

English pre-study program
  • Starts on November 14, 2022. Duration: 27 weeks
  • $ 890
  • Online groups led by your instructor
  • 108 hours total / 4 hours per week
Start your journey
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Pass free of charge English test

If you have B1 level and are not confident in B2, we propose you to pass Duolingo English Practice Test to check your approximate level.

Talk to an Enrollment advisor

Once you submit Apply now form, one of our enrolment advisors will contact you to walk you through the requirements.

Sign the application form with payment.

To complete your enrollment on this program, you will need to submit the application form with payment to reserve a place on a course. Our enrollment advisor will help you on this stage. After that you will get admission confirmation.

Here is a list of frequently asked questions from prospective students and stakeholders about this LLL program.
Why do I have to take an English language proficiency test?

AUK programmes require a level of proficiency in the English language which evaluates the skills of people with a native language other than English.

AUK and the most prestigious universities in the United States require this kind of test for admission. Moreover, many large international companies demand English language proficiency tests when recruiting employees with a native language other than English. So, having excellent English skills should help you reach your potential and achieve your goals.

Why prepare for your English language proficiency test at American University Kyiv (AUK)?

It is a world-class private university based in Ukraine. AUK has partnered with Arizona State University, (#1 in the United States for innovation), to give students a US-quality education.

How will AUK help to prepare for your English language proficiency test?

Working through seven modules, you will become familiar with the test format. As you hone your listening speaking and writing skills, your confidence will improve too.

Which English language qualification will I have at the end of this English language proficiency test preparation course?

If you have B1 level now, you will have B2, and if you have B2, you will have C1.

Are there any added bonuses with this program?

When you enter AUK we will waive you 3 credits of American University Kyiv (AUK) English course as the credits earned from this course are transferrable and may count towards AUK Bachelor’s programs should you decide to pursue this path of study. This option is available only in case the student reaches TOEFL test result with score 80 and higher.

Can I pay by cash?

American University Kyiv does not accept cash payments. Payments may be made online via our website, or you may request an invoice from our accounting department.

What if I fail?

If you do not meet the course completion requirements, you will not be entitled to receive a certificate of completion.

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