Bachelor of Marketing Science


The field of marketing science was born in the US, evolving from marketing and consumer studies. Developed based on ASU curriculum*, Bachelor of Marketing Science program is an advanced marketing education offering you a state-of-the-art curriculum in modern marketing science.


As a Bachelor of Marketing Science student, you will gain an understanding of the science behind consumer behavior and the critical role that marketing plays in all organizations driving consumer demand.


Bachelor of Marketing Science students will study every aspect of the product lifecycle and develop the skills to identify consumer needs and desires.


You will acquire comprehensive knowledge and skills: in consumer behavior, market research, communication, and digital marketing techniques, as well as an overview of business strategy and entrepreneurship.

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Students will become proficient in:
Consumer behavior and market intelligence

Learn how to monitor market trends and competition, conduct consumer research, analyze marketing campaigns performance and digital audience insights.

Economics and finance

Understand micro- & macroeconomic principles, business finance and accounting systems and processes.

Media and communications

Gain marketing communication skills, including intercultural, visual and digital techniques, learn social media foundations and digital media literacy.

Business strategy and management

Develop leadership skills to manage teams and projects, develop competitive marketing strategy and drive innovation pipeline.

Career opportunities
Career opportunities

As a Marketing Science graduate, you will be prepared to provide input to an insight-led vision for business strategy. Many marketers lead successful careers, reaching CEO level or becoming entrepreneurs launching and expanding their own businesses.

Graduates can succeed in leadership roles in the following fields:

  • Marketing and Communications
  • Market Analysis
  • Innovation Management
  • Creative & Media
  • Business Development
  • Consumer Relations Management
  • Online Sales and Digital Marketing

Career Opportunities include:

  • Account or Promotions Manager
  • Advertising Sales Agent
  • Marketing Manager
  • Consumer Intelligence Manager
  • Marketing Director
  • Marketing Communications and Media Manager
  • Product or Brand Manager
  • Social Media Manager
  • Event Planner

The internship is part of the curriculum and aims to provide students with an opportunity to gain knowledge and skills and expand a set of competencies valued by top-ranked employers from a work experience placement carefully curated by AUK and the University partners network. The locations of internships are directly related to the students’ program of study and allow them to get a real-world, career-related practice and learning experience not available in the classroom. 


This practice will be conducted as a blended learning activity offline or online with involvement in the activities of a particular company. The student will be supervised simultaneously by the Internship Education Program Advisor and Employer Representative to seek relevant experiences and develop job-seeking skills as part of the internship. 


At the end of the internship, students should prepare a full report of activities and provide primary data collected on their chosen topic or in a particular area of interest related to their career field.

Degree Routes and ASU Pathways
Degree Routes and ASU Pathways

Dual degree options make top-quality education accessible to Ukrainian students at AUK. Through a combination of online and in person study, you have the opportunity to gain diplomas from both American University Kyiv and Arizona State University. You can also choose to study on campus in the US or online at Arizona State University.

AUK Degree 

After four years of successful study at AUK, students are awarded an AUK Bachelor's degree in Marketing Science.

Dual Degree (AUK+ASU)*

This program supports dual degrees via model 3+1: 

Three years studying at AUK and one final year studying at ASU. Upon graduation, students receive a Bachelor's degree from AUK and a Bachelor's degree from ASU.

As a Bachelor of Marketing Science student at AUK, you can gain the Dual Bachelor's degrees: a Bachelor's degree from AUK and a Bachelor's degree from ASU. Students of Marketing Science should be prepared to apply to Arizona State University in the third year of study (the 5th semester of study at AUK). The study year at ASU may start in September 2026 (the 7th semester of study in the Bachelor's program of Marketing Science).

Who should apply to Bachelor of Marketing Science program?
  • outgoing, people-oriented individuals with leadership potential
  • equally good in art studies and mathematics
  • willing to have fluent English
  • global thinking and open for international opportunities
  • academically strong and passionate for learning
  • ambitious and career-oriented
Who should apply to Bachelor of Marketing Science program?
Application deadline

Application deadline for the first wave of enrollment: July 31, 2023.

Application deadline for the second wave of enrollment: August 31, 2023.

It may take approximately 2 weeks to get an admission committee decision once all requested materials are received.

Please note that we are following the American tradition of rolling admission process, so applicants have an opportunity to reserve a place in the program before official enrollment.

We encourage you to plan your admission journey well in advance and contact the enrollment team for more details.

Applicant requirements (AUK)
  • Completed secondary education 
  • Good level of English: B2 (TOEFL internet based: 56 – 78, IELTS Academic: 5.5 – 6.0, Duolingo English test: 80 – 119)
  • Motivation letter 
  • Short self-presentation video in English
  • National Multidisciplinary Test result: minimum score 130, foreign language (English) 150+
Documents provision
  • Application form
  • National ID
  • Tax code number
  • English certificate
  • Digital 3*4 cm photo
  • School original diploma and appendix
Tuition fees and scholarships

Annual tuition is $8,000. War-time scholarship 50% is available for 2023-2024, 2024-2025 academic years.

Talk to an AUK Enrollment advisor to find the best option for you

Complete the request form, and one of our Enrollment Advisors will contact you to guide you through the admission process, program details, and required documents.

Apply to AUK

Congratulations! This is your first step toward admission to AUK. To access the registration form, you will need to create a personal applicant’s account. Please note that the registration form must be filled out in English. You will also need to upload documents, write a motivation letter, and record a short self-presentation video.

Pass National Multi-Subject Test (NMT)

To enter a bachelor's degree program, you have to submit the results of the National Multi-Subject Test (NMT). To do this you will need to sign-up through the official government website of The Ukrainian Center for Educational Quality Assessment. The results will go directly to the EDBO system used for applying to universities.

Sign the contract with AUK

To complete your enrollment, you need to choose our competitive offer at the EDBO and provide the necessary official documents (passport, educational document, etc.). After that, you will receive enrollment confirmation and will be able to sign the final educational and financial contracts.

Bachelor of Marketing Science
  • Four academic years
  • *Wartime scholarship -50% for the first two academic years
  • Offline & Hybrid learning
  • Dual Degrees: AUK + ASU
$8 000* $4 000 per academic year
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*details are in approval process

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