Business Acceleration Practicum

Transform ideas into successful ventures!

This course is a unique opportunity to elevate your skill set and master the art of translating your concepts into triumphant projects. Whether you’re an aspiring startup trailblazer or a seasoned professional in an established enterprise, whether you're aiming to unveil novel creations or reshape the existing paradigm – this course is for you!


Under the adept mentorship of Phil and Chastin Reynolds – distinguished co-founders and esteemed C-level executives of Devstride, a proseperous venture capital business from Kansas City, USA – you will be privy to a wealth of knowledge. Having helped 100+ companies in achieving their objectives, their firm has garnered acclaim from leading business media, including Business Insider and Forbes.


During a comprehensive 6-week journey, you will get equipped with the necessary mindset and practical skills to navigate the rapidly-evolving business landscape. 


Through a combination of theoretical understanding and hands-on exercises, you will master the art of transforming an idea into a viable product, leveraging agility for business expansion, and delivering persuasive presentations effectively to business owners, investors, and other decision-makers.


Start: October 12, 2023

Duration: 6 weeks

Format: Live online sessions with instructors + individual and group assignments

Language of instruction: English

Participation fee: $90 (paid in UAH at NBU exchange rate)

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Upon successful completion of this course, you will:
Understand and adopt an agile mindset

Learn the principles of agility and develop a growth mindset for outcome orientation in an agile business.

Implement Effective Idea Generation and MVP Creation

Engage in effective customer conversations, build feedback loops, and create a Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

Conduct Competitive Analysis and Strategic Planning

Learn how to map competitors, perform SWOT analysis, and create an effective go-to-market strategy.

Understand and Apply Key Startup Metrics

Learn how to build metric dashboards, understand what to track, and know what investors need to see.

Navigate Capital Markets and Learn How to Sell Your Idea

Develop an understanding of the structure of capital markets, the fundamentals of startup funding, and what investors are looking for in a startup.

Prepare an Effective Pitch

Learn how to prepare for Pitch Day, including creating an engaging pitch, handling tough questions, and mastering the art of persuasion.

This course is designed for:
  • Entrepreneurs and startup founders who are looking to scale their businesses, seeking a deep understanding of agility, strategic planning, and key startup metrics that can fuel their venture's growth.
  • Intrapreneurs, those who innovate from within existing companies, aiming to adopt an entrepreneurial mindset to drive change, improve processes, and accelerate business growth within their organization. 
  • Established business owners and operators eager to bring an entrepreneurial lens to their current operations. This course will offer them the tools and insights needed to reimagine their strategies, adopt an agile mindset, and ultimately scale their businesses.
  • Managers and leaders from various business domains who are looking to foster a culture of agility and entrepreneurial thinking within their teams to drive innovation and growth.
  • Individuals considering a career shift towards entrepreneurship or intrapreneurship, who will benefit from a comprehensive overview of the agile entrepreneur's path, from idea generation to successful pitch.
This course is designed for:
Week 1 - Growth Mindset

  • Fundamental beliefs and behaviors

  • Risk tolerance vs risk aversion

  • First principles thinking

  • Outcome orientation

  • Collaboration and team dynamics

  •  Resilience and dealing with failure

  • To what degree these things can be taught

Week 2 - Innovation & Design

  • Idea generation and creativity

  • Identifying opportunities in the market

  • Problem-solving approaches

  • MVP (Minimum Viable Product)

  • Customer conversations and market validation

  • Feedback loops and iterative design

  • Pivots and knowing when to change course

  • User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) considerations

Week 3 - Business Strategy & Operational Planning

  • Competitor matrix

  • Competitive analysis

  • Go-to-market strategy

  • Business Model Canvas

  • Strategic alliances and partnerships

Week 4 - Startup Metrics and Program Management

  • Outcome Definition: What are the goals?

  • Metric dashboards: What do you need to track?

  • Narrative: What do investors need to see?

  • Frameworks and tools for program management

  • Understanding and tracking Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

  • Data-driven decision making

Week 5 - Capital Markets and Selling Your Idea

  • Understanding capital market structures

  • Startup funding fundamentals: Bootstrapping, Angel Investors, VC's, etc.

  • What are investors looking for in a startup?

  • Understanding term sheets and equity distribution

  • Developing financial projections

Week 6 - Pitch Prep

  • Pitching fundamentals (structure, style, dos and don’ts etc.)

  • Designing your elevator pitch and full presentation

  • Practicing and perfecting your pitch: how to be “likeable”

  • Engaging potential investors

  • Handling tough questions and objections

  • What to do after you get your first investment?

Meet your instructors

Phil Reynolds, CEO Devstride

Phillip Reynolds is the CEO and co-founder of Devstride and the Board Chair at BriteCore. He holds a certificate in "Leading Change in Complex Organizations" from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and speaks frequently on organizational design and technological innovation for property-casualty carriers. Mr. Reynolds received the "Governor's Missouri Entrepreneur of the Year" award from Governor Jay Nixon and led BriteCore to place on the Inc. 500 list multiple times. He is a frequent presenter and panelist at state and national insurance conventions and has served on many technology committees.


Chastin Reynolds, CMO Devstride

Chastin Reynolds is the CMO and Co-Founder of DevStride, Agile Program Management. Chastin leads DevStride's global marketing efforts, driving demand generation, branding, product marketing, and communications. Her invaluable experience as the former CMO of BriteCore, where she propelled the business from $1.7 million to $26 million in revenue over six years, positions her as an expert in accelerating business growth.

Chastin is a certified SAFe 6.0 Practice Consultant from Scaled Agile and holds a certification in Digital Marketing Analytics from MIT Sloan School of Management.

Business Acceleration Course
  • Start October 9, 2023
  • Participation fee $90
  • Live online sessions + individual and group assignments
  • AUK Certificate
  • Duration 6 weeks / 10-15 hours per week
Transform your ideas into successful ventures
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Frequently asked questions
What is the language of instruction for this course?

The language of instruction for this course is English. All course materials, including reading materials and videos, are provided in English.

Are there any prerequisites for this course?

While there are no strict prerequisites for this course, it is designed for those who have a basic understanding of business fundamentals. Previous experience with entrepreneurship or business management can be beneficial but is not required. An open mindset and willingness to learn and engage with complex concepts are the most important prerequisites.

How much time will I have to spend learning while taking this course?

The time commitment for this course will vary depending on your background and level of familiarity with the subject matter. On average, you can expect to spend approximately 10 to 15 hours per week on coursework. This includes time spent in class (if applicable), reading and reviewing course materials, participating in discussions or group work, and completing assignments.

What is the schedule for this course?

Your live sessions with instructors will be held once per week on Thursdays at 6:00 p.m. Each session will span from 60 to 90 minutes. Self-study materials (reading, video, etc.) can be processed in the individual pace at your own convenience.

What kind of assignments will I have to complete?

Assignments for this course will primarily involve reading and applying course concepts to real-world scenarios. There may be individual reflective assignments, group discussions, customer outreach, and quizzes, all aimed at helping you deeply understand and apply the principles of business acceleration in practical contexts. A pitch deck is required for final grading and submission.

What is the grading system for this course?

This course operates on a pass/fail grading system, with the final determination based primarily on your end-of-course pitch deck. This major assignment will require you to apply all the concepts and strategies learned throughout the course in a real-world context, essentially demonstrating your understanding of business acceleration principles and your readiness to implement them. Successful completion and presentation of the pitch deck to a satisfactory standard, as outlined in the course rubric, will result in a pass grade. It's important to note that engagement and effort throughout the course, including participation in discussions and completion of other assignments, are crucial to developing a comprehensive and effective pitch deck.