IT Product Management by EPAM

Master the art of creating exceptional products

Product Management is the intersection where business strategy and technology collide. To excel as a skilled Product Manager, it is vital to have a genuine passion for both domains!


In this course, we will take you on an exciting journey through the entire product lifecycle. Starting from generating innovative ideas to launching them successfully into the market and beyond. You will also gain expertise in navigating the product creation process like a pro. This involves leveraging market analysis, research findings, and stakeholder input to shape the development of your product.


We will dive deep into the planning phase, where you will master the art of gathering and documenting product requirements. Additionally, you will learn essential principles for effectively collaborating with development teams and stakeholders during the development phase. We will also share insider tips to ensure a smooth and efficient process.


Finally, we will cover the quality assurance and launch phases, as well as post-launch activities. This includes maintaining product quality and providing ongoing support to ensure your product continues to shine.


To deliver the most valuable content, this course is based on the esteemed Product Marketing Management Body of Knowledge (ProdBOK) and the tried-and-true best practices of the International Software Product Management Association (ISPMA).


Start: May 27, 2024

Duration: 13 weeks

Format: Live online sessions with instructors and individual assignments

Language of instruction: English

Participation fee: $790 $711 if paid before April 27 (paid in UAH at NBU exchange rate)

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This course is offered under the partnership of AUK and EPAM, a global leader in software solutions

EPAM Systems, Inc. is a Global company that specializes in service development, digital platform engineering, and digital product design. One of the world's largest manufacturers of custom software and consulting providers. The company's headquarters is located in Newtown, Pennsylvania, and its branches are represented in more than 40 countries.

Based on EPAM’s deep engineering expertise and learning design experience, it equips students with the skills they need to successfully land an engineering job after graduation. EPAM technology experts become instructors throughout the educational programs, providing students with unique industry experience.

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:
Understand Product Management principles

and lifecycle framework

Foster innovation and experimentation culture

for product ideation.

Master product planning

including business case creation, marketing strategy, product brief, and roadmap development.

Manage product development

including requirements, backlog, and risk.

Organize product introduction

to the market.

Conduct post-launch audits

and make informed decisions.

Understand team structures and frameworks

and best practices for scaling teams.

This course is designed for
  • Aspiring Product Managers: Individuals who are seeking to enter the field of product management and want to acquire a comprehensive understanding of the discipline.
  • Current Product Managers: Professionals already working in product management roles who want to enhance their skills, expand their knowledge base, or stay updated with industry best practices.
  • Product Owners: Individuals responsible for driving product development and representing user needs within an Agile or Scrum framework.
  • Entrepreneurs and Startup-ers: Individuals starting their own businesses or leading startups who want to gain insights into effective product management strategies and techniques.
  • Business Analysts: Professionals involved in analyzing market trends, customer needs, and product requirements, looking to deepen their understanding of the product management domain.
  • Marketing and Sales Professionals: Individuals in marketing and sales roles who collaborate closely with product managers and wish to gain a comprehensive understanding of the product management process.
  • UX/UI Designers: Designers who want to align their user experience and user interface design efforts with product management principles.
  • Project Managers: Professionals involved in project management who seek to transition into product management roles or broaden their knowledge beyond project-focused activities.
This course is designed for

This course combines learning materials presented on a digital platform, webinars, workshops, and practical tasks. Lecture hours will be provided in the form of self-paced digital materials to give the student ability to study individually at a reasonable and comfortable individual pace. The self-paced digital materials are provided in the form of text, video, and infographics to provide different channels of information absorption.

Webinars and workshops are delivered by the leading industry specialists. Practical tasks include use cases closely related to professional daily activities required for professional development. Participating in discussions, students can also get involved in collaborative activities, receiving indirect instructions to solve the tasks.

Students will get personalized feedback on their practice tasks. Courses include non-graded quizzes that focus students’ attention on the key ideas in the theoretical information to increase understanding through practice.

During the capstone project, students will implement theoretical knowledge in practice. The final graded test at the end of the course summarizes the student’s knowledge gained.

Module 1. Product Mindset and Management

Introduction. The Right Product. From Project to Product. Product Management Basics. Product Management Team. The Product Lifecycle and Product Manager.

Module 2. Understanding User Needs

Defining Customer Segments and Personas. Developing Market Needs. Journey Mapping. Impact Mapping.

Module 3. Product Ideation

Introduction. Concept Ideation. Market Research and Analysis. Defining Customer Needs. Product Ideation and Validation Methodologies and Tools. Product Definition and Business Artifacts.

Module 4. Creating Product Strategy

Product Strategy Framework. Value proposition. Communicating a product strategy.

Module 5. Product Planning

Introduction. Business Case Creation. Product Brief. Product Roadmap. Defining Product MVP. Planning the Marketing Strategy.

Module 6. Product Development

Introduction. Backlog Management. Product requirements. Product Development Methodologies.

Module 7. Product Introduction

Introduction. Pre-Launch. Launch Execution. Post-Launch.

Module 8. Product Growth.

Introduction to Product Growth, Maturity, and Decline. Role of Analytics in Driving Product Growth and Maturity. Product Decline.

Module. 9. Scaling Product Management

Introduction to Scaling Product Management. Assessing Product Management Maturity. Scaling the Organization. Scaling Teams. Scaling Work.

Module. 10. Using AI in Product Management

AI tools overview. Use cases. Prompt Engineering.

Module. 11. Product Pitching

Product pitch overview. Product presentation to experts.


The course is delivered by EPAMers with 10+ years of industry experience, obtaining Senior positions. Speakers and trainers have taken part in hundreds of various projects within different domains, so the skills, knowledge, and approaches they can share with the students will be applicable to nearly any product.

IT Product Management by EPAM
  • Start: May 27, 2024
  • Price: $790  $711 if paid by April 27
  • Format: Live online sessions
  • Language of instruction: English
  • Duration: 13 weeks
Still have questions?
What is the language of instruction for this course

The course is fully delivered in English. All learning materials, including reading and video, are in English too. Your individual and group assignments are expected to be prepared in English as well.

Are there any prerequisites for this course?

As the course is delivered in English, participants are expected to have a B2 or higher level of English. AUK does not request any language certificates or other forms of language proficiency confirmation.

How much time will I have to spend learning while taking this course?

Although the figure is very individual and depends on multiple factors, the average estimated time dedication for this course is 10-15 hours per week. This includes live sessions with instructor, self-paced learning and homework.

What kind of assignments will I have to complete?

The practical tasks are designed to reflect real-life professional activities and help you grow in your field. You'll have the chance to participate in discussions and collaborate with others to solve these tasks. Plus, you'll receive personalized feedback on your assignments to track your progress. To reinforce your understanding, there will be non-graded quizzes that focus on the main ideas from the theoretical information. This way, you can actively engage with the content and apply what you've learned. At the end of the course, there will be a final test that evaluates your knowledge and summarizes what you've gained throughout the program.

What certificate will I earn?

Upon successful completion of this course, you will be awarded a certificate accredited by American University Kyiv.

Will my ECTs be transferable to undergraduate or post-graduate programs?

Yes, credits earned from this course are transferrable and may count toward Master’s or Bachelor’s programs should you decide to pursue this path of study.

How can I pay?

Payments may be made online via our website, or you may request an invoice from our accounting department. American University Kyiv does not accept cash payments.

Can my company pay for me?

If your employer agrees to pay for your study, you may inquire about the proforma invoice from our accounting department.

What if I fail?

AUK issues a Certificate of Completion if a student obtains a minimum of 80 final points for the course. Students who have between 60 and 79.9 final points receive a Certificate of Attendance. If you have less than 60 final points, you will not be eligible for any certificate. However, the course will be offered on a repeated basis, and you may enroll one more time.

What if I miss the live session with the instructor or guest speaker?

Live online sessions will be recorded, so you may watch them later via a shared link. Offline sessions held on the AUK campus will not be recorded.