Global Leadership

Lead with a global mindset and boost your international career.

About course

As you advance your career globally, you will need a comprehensive set of skills to navigate new challenges, cultures, and business environments. New experiences in new places may be both stimulating and a bit disorienting.

Finding yourself a part of an expanding international team or organization brings exciting new opportunities. This 7-week online course will equip you with global leadership and entrepreneurship skills which will help you deal with new challenges and understand where to focus so you can enhance your career potential and achieve your goals.

The course is aimed at professionals who work closely with multinational stakeholders: whether they are professionals who seek to build their careers in international organizations, or executives and entrepreneurs who target international markets, or state officials and volunteers establishing relationships with foreign governments, donor organizations and initiatives.

Based on the Global Leadership and Management Essentials Certificate Program by Thunderbird School of Global Management at Arizona State University.

About course
Learning outcomes
Clarify your cultural values

Clarify and describe your cultural values and grow in self-awareness

Understand intercultural frames of reference

Apply cultural value dimensions to better understand the frame of reference used by colleagues or business contacts in other countries

Learn to lead global teams

Formulate strategies to lead global teams effectively. Create shared goals and manage effectively across time zones

Negotiate across cultural boundaries

Hone your negotiation skills for success in a global environment. Overcome obstacles such as unfamiliar laws, regulations, and ideologies

Adapt to a cross-cultural context

Develop a global mindset and the communication skills to adapt to a cross-cultural context. Make meaningful connections and build solid international working relationships

Promote cohesion and resolve disputes

Understand how culture affects conflict resolution and promote cohesion in global teams

Global Leadership
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Course structure

Module 1

1.1 Meet AUK Founding Rector Dr. Roman Sheremeta

1.2 Course pathway: an overview

1.3 Scheduling and time management

Module 2
Culture and globalization

2.1 Concept of culture

2.2 How to assess culture

2.3 The globalization enigma: do cultures converge?

2.4 Self-awareness and cultural orientation

Module 3
Global Mindset

3.1 Stereotypes and generalizations

3.2 Thinking outside the box of your own culture

3.3 Collaborating with individuals, groups, organizations, and systems unlike my own

3.4 Development model of Intercultural sensitivity

Dr. Artem Kliuchnikov
Frequently asked questions
What is the language of instruction for this course?

The course is fully delivered in English. All learning materials, including reading and video are in English too. Your individual and group assignments are expected to be prepared in English as well.

Are there any prerequisites for this course?

As the course is delivered in English, participants are expected to have B2 or higher level of English. AUK does not request any language certificates or other forms of confirmation. Participants are also expected to have at least three years of working experience, though this is a recommendation which will help you better fit to the group, rather than a prerequisite.

How much time will I have to spend learning while taking this course?

This course includes two-hour live sessions with instructors every Monday. You will also be receiving some homework, including individual and group assignments. The estimated time dedication for this course is 10-15 hours per week. You may also be invited to attend some master classes offered to AUK students exclusively. Attendance of these master classes is voluntary. 

Can I get the scholarship?

American University Kyiv offers wartime scholarships to all Ukrainian citizens who enroll in AUK’s programs. This course, in particular, has a 45% scholarship which is reflected in its price.

Will my ECTs be transferable to undergraduate or post-graduate programs?

Yes, the credits earned at this course may be counted in your UG or PG programs should you decide to pursue one

What certificate will I get?

Upon successful completion of this course, you will get a certificate issued by the American University Kyiv

How can I pay?

Upon registration, you will receive an email with the link to the payment page. You may request an invoice from our accounting department. American University Kyiv does not accept cash payments.

What if I miss the live session with the instructor or guest speaker?

All live sessions will be recorded, so you may watch them later via a shared link.

What if I fail?

If you do not meet the course completion requirements, you will not be entitled to receive a certificate of completion. This course will be offered on a repeated basis, and you may enroll one more time.

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