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At AUK we provide education that gives freedom. The freedom to invent impactful products, discover new solutions and play an integral part in the global economy. The freedom to realize untapped potential.

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Our mission

Our mission is to educate leaders of the future, address societal challenges through research and collaboration, and act as a catalyst for transforming the educational system of Ukraine.

Thus by preparing the future professional leaders who will rebuild Ukraine and turn it into an undeniable regional leader we support Ukraine and defend democracy, standing for free world.

AUK provides the unique opportunity to earn an American degree while studying in Ukraine. Together with Arizona State University, we create an optimum environment for young talent to develop their professional skills and drive progress while remaining in their homeland, Ukraine.

We aim to catalyze the transformation of higher education to modern, future-orientated approaches. In order to ensure our long-term strategy is implemented and to maintain a high standard of quality, AUK was founded as a private university.

At AUK we welcome cooperation and collaboration with individual and corporate donors who are ready and willing to support the development of Ukraine through world-class education.

What it means to be 
a supporting partner:

1 You are investing in the next generation

2 You are giving talented Ukrainians the opportunityto get world-class education in Ukraine

3 You are helping to build solid futures

How will your support help AUK build solid futures:

Through the #solidfutures program, Ukrainian students will develop the necessary skill sets to perform key roles and create new products that will improve lives. The program covers scientific research, internship cooperation and scholarship funding.

AUK scholarships

AUK's scholarships are applied to years of study at AUK

The AUK scholarship amount is defined at the stage of Reservation contact which signed during the admission process. In case dual degree path, for year at ASU other scholarship rules are valid. More details on application for AUK Scholarships could be provided by the AUK Enrollment Advisor.

On April 24, 2023, AUK announced a scholarship fund to support veterans, children and spouses of Fallen Heroes in a partnership with the Institute of International Education (IIE) and the Ukrainian Veterans Foundation. 

To support veterans, children and spouses of Fallen Heroes, AUK offers several full scholarships in both bachelor’s and master’s programs to individuals who meet the admission criteria.

AUK scholarships

AUK Wartime Scholarship

AUK Wartime Scholarship is American University Kyiv's contribution to Ukraine's resistance and fight for freedom.

This scholarship was created in 2022 in response to the economic and financial fallout Ukraine faced due to the war. In order to provide support at this time, AUK began offering guaranteed scholarships to all successfully admitted students.

In 2024 AUK continues to support its newly admitted students with wartime-guaranteed scholarships:

  • Bachelor’s: 50% scholarship for Years 1-2 and 25% scholarship for Years 3-4
  • Master’s: 30% scholarship for Years 1-2
AUK Leaders of the Future

Awarded to Bachelor’s students demonstrating academic excellence and leadership potential:

  • 99% scholarship for Years 1-4 for IT programs
  • 70% scholarship for Years 1-4 for all programs

To apply for the "Leaders of the Future" scholarship, you must have a competitive score of NMT 170+.

Number of places is limited.

AUK Honor

Awarded to veterans, widows/widowers of veterans, as well as to children of the Fallen Heroes, honoring their contribution to freedom of Ukraine.

99% scholarship

AUK Shareholders Honor

Awarded to employees of AUK shareholders, honoring their commitment to the university

  • Bachelor’s: 70% scholarship for Years 1-2, 45% scholarship for Years 3-4
  • Master’s: 50% scholarship for Years 1-2
Your donation is helping us to BUILD SOLID FUTURES for Ukraine

You can donate to AUK online. US companies or individuals will get a US tax benefit from the donation.

For $32,000 you can provide a full four-year scholarship for a young Ukrainian, many of whom have lost their primary breadwinner to russian aggression. All contributions are 501(c)(3) tax deductible within the United States.

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