Bachelor of Global Management

Global Management program is developed based on the ASU curriculum and includes hands-on global leadership and business knowledge and skills with intercultural communication training. It is structured to equip students with highly valued experience and developed skills to work in international companies, governments, and nonprofit entities with a solid global background.


Along with gaining a comprehensive overview of international marketing principles, students learn about financial systems in global organizations and the role of big data in a worldwide economy. Designed for global-thinking, career-driven professionals, this program offers specialized courses in global marketing, states and markets in a global economy, and global organizational leadership.



During this program, Bachelor of Global Management students will be able to develop and hone the necessary skills and dynamism to thrive in today’s globally interconnected economy. Equipped with a strong background in global business, students will prepare for success in a competitive global marketplace.


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Students will become proficient in:
Global leadership and professional development skills
Learn professional ethics, organizational behavior, understand how to develop career strategies and lead organizational innovations and transformations.
Global business and entrepreneurship

Understand global management, marketing, accounting, finance and supply chain operational systems employed in international organizations, and learn the principles of global entrepreneurship.

Big data in a global economy
Develop a keen understanding of the role of Big Data in today’s global economy, reduce risk and maximize resources through data analysis.
Cross-cultural communication and negotiation
Develop cultural sensitivity and learn to communicate, negotiate, and lead effectively in an international context.
Career opportunities

As a Global Management student, you’ll learn to manage global organizations and lead effectively in international contexts. This degree develops your knowledge in international business, entrepreneurship, and leadership.

Graduates can succeed in leadership roles in the following fields:

  • business management
  • consulting
  • entrepreneurship
  • human resources

Career opportunities include:

  • Chief Sustainability Officer
  • Compliance Manager
  • Country/ Area Manager
  • Foreign Service Officer
  • International Marketing Manager
  • International Sales Manager
  • Manager of a Nonprofit Organization
  • Regulatory Affairs Manager
Career opportunities

The internship is part of the curriculum and aimed at providing the students with an opportunity to gain knowledge and skills from the work experience carefully curated by AUK and University partners network and expand the set of competencies valued by top-ranked employers. The locations of internships and occupations are directly related to the student's program of study and allow to get a real-world, career-related practice and learning experience not available in the classroom.

This practice will be conducted as a blended learning activity offline or online involvement in the activities of a particular company, supervised simultaneously by the Internship Education Program Advisor and Employer Representative.

The student will work closely with the Employer Representative and Internship Education Program Advisor to seek relevant experiences and develop job-seeking skills as part of the internship education experience. With permission of the Employer Representative (further Supervisor), a job currently held by a student might be used as the work assignment.

At the end of the internship, a student should prepare a full report of activities taking place during the internship and primary data collected on a certain topic or in a certain area of interest related to the chosen career field.

Zlata Biedarieva
Bachelor of Global Management

The first month at the AUK was an amazing experience. Lots of new people and discoveries. It started with a Welcome Week, a set of various intro sessions, workshops, etc. One of the best parts was a panel discussion with Roman Sheremeta and Rick Shangraw. So inspiring! And then classes started. We have three courses at the moment that are truly engaging and informative. I love the discussion forums and in-class conversations a lot! It's a different format than in most Ukrainian universities. We are currently preparing for our first exams. I'm greatly looking forward to the more career-oriented courses. I'm sure these will be great.

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Dual Degree Route and ASU Pathways
Dual Degree Route and ASU Pathways

Dual degree options make top-quality education accessible for Ukrainian students at AUK. Through a combination of online and offline study, you have the opportunity to gain diplomas from both American University Kyiv and Arizona State University.

You can also choose to study on campus or online at ASU.

AUK Degree

4 years studying at AUK, a student gets AUK Bachelor’s degree in Global Management.

Dual Degrees AUK+ASU

This program supports dual degrees via model 3+1:
3 years studying at AUK and 1 last year studying at ASU. After successful graduation student gets two Bachelor’s diplomas from AUK and ASU.

ASU Pathways

Being a Bachelor’s student of Global Management at AUK you can gain the dual Bachelor’s degree option (3+1): 3 years studying at AUK + 1 year studying at ASU. Upon successful completion of all coursework, it implies for students to receive a Bachelor’s degree from AUK and a Bachelor’s degree from ASU.

All transfer applicants must have a Bachelor’s degree from AUK with a 3.00 GPA for all transfer work and meet ASU transfer admission requirements.

For enrolled students in September 2022, one year of studying at ASU is available online and its enrollment is planned for Spring 2026.

Students of Global Management should be prepared to apply to Arizona State University in the third year of study (the 5th semester of study at AUK). The study at ASU will start in September 2026 (the 7th semester of study in the Bachelor’s program of Global Management).

Applicant requirements
  • Completed secondary education
  • Good level of English: B2 (TOEFL internet based: 56 – 78, IELTS Academic: 5.5 – 6.0, Duolingo English test: 80 – 119)
  • Motivation letter
  • Short self-presentation video in English
  • National Multidisciplinary Test result: minimum score 130, foreign language (English) 150+
Documents required
  • Application form
  • School diploma
  • Motivation letter
  • English language certificate B2+
  • select American University Kyiv in EDBO (Товариство з обмеженою відповідальністю "Вищий навчальний заклад "АМЕРІКАН ЮНІВЕРСІТІ КИЇВ") – code 5752
Luka Osyka
Bachelor of Global Management

At AUK, I enjoy studying in English. It is awesome that you can use and practice English while living in Ukraine. Also, I was very impressed with our offline meeting with Kurt Volker. His perspective on the Ukrainian situation was fascinating and global. Our online meetings were also highly informative, with many people attending who are authorities in their field. I like the program structure, especially the way we have three subjects that change every two months. This structure is really engaging and keeps me on track. Moreover, our sociology teacher Rens Wilderom is great. He explains the learning materials clearly and consistently, and the discussion problems are always great.

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Application deadline

Application deadline for the first wave of enrollment: July 31, 2023.

Application deadline for the second wave of enrollment: August 31, 2023.

It may take approximately 2 weeks to get an admission committee decision once all requested materials are received.

Please note that we are following the American tradition of rolling admission process, so applicants have an opportunity to reserve a place in the program before official enrollment.

We encourage you to plan your admission journey well in advance and contact the enrollment team for more details.

Tuition fees and scholarships

Annual tuition is $8,000. Scholarship up to 50% is available.

We are ready to answer all of your questions. If you want to know more about the admission process, dual degrees, enrolment process, etc, please feel free to contact us by filling out the form below.

Wartime scholarship -50%
  • Academic years: 23-24, 24-25
  • $8000  $4000 per academic year
  • Hybrid learning - online and in person
  • Dual Degrees and Accelerated Master’s
$8 000 $4 000 per academic year
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Talk to an AUK Enrollment advisor to find the best option for you

Complete the request form, and one of our Enrollment Advisors will contact you to guide you through the admission process, program details, and required documents.

Apply to AUK

Congratulations! This is your first step toward admission to AUK. To access the registration form, you will need to create a personal applicant’s account. Please note that the registration form must be filled out in English. You will also need to upload documents, write a motivation letter, and record a short self-presentation video.

Pass National Multi-Subject Test (NMT)

To enter a bachelor's degree program, you have to submit the results of the National Multi-Subject Test (NMT). To do this you will need to sign-up through the official government website of The Ukrainian Center for Educational Quality Assessment. The results will go directly to the EDBO system used for applying to universities.

Sign the contract with AUK

To complete your enrollment, you need to choose our competitive offer at the EDBO and provide the necessary official documents (passport, educational document, etc.). After that, you will receive enrollment confirmation and will be able to sign the final educational and financial contracts.

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