Welcome to education that gives freedom

I am delighted to welcome you to American University Kyiv (AUK), a university that recognizes your limitless ambitions and is committed to nurturing and amplifying your potential.

I am Ukrainian who built an international career in the US. And although my academic success has been mostly attributed to my work in the US, I always had a dream that one day I will be able to come back to Ukraine and use my experience and knowledge to do something important for Ukraine. AUK is a perfect opportunity for me to fulfill this dream.

By choosing AUK, you gain access to world-class faculty and curriculum, influential leaders and transformative ideas. Importantly, you are becoming a moving force of these qualitative changes already now as your knowledge and skills will make you and Ukraine stronger tomorrow.

Thank you for choosing the education that gives freedom.

Roman Sheremeta, AUK Founding Rector

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Student Experience at AUK

The Office of Student Experience is dedicated to being the main resource for AUK students through support, advocacy, and involvement. Our top goal is to ensure student success and engagement for all AUK students. We work diligently to create a welcoming and safe environment for learning and achievement in and out of the classroom. We look forward to supporting you!

Explore our resources and services:

  • Student Clubs
  • Student Council
  • Student Events
  • Academic Advising
  • Tutoring and Academic Support Services
  • Career and Professional Development
  • Dual Degree Information
  • Student Well-Being
  • Student Safety
Connect with our Team

The Office of Student Experience is ready to assist students, staff, faculty,
family, and community members with student questions, issues, and concerns.

Jake McGrew
Student Life Manager
Iryna Ostash
Program Manager
School of Management
Olena Yencheva
Program Manager
EPAM School of Digital Technologies
The Student Council

As the heart of campus engagement, the Student Council is dedicated to amplifying the voices of the student body and shaping a dynamic campus experience. Comprising a passionate cohort of elected representatives, the Student Council serves as the bridge between students, faculty, and administration, advocating for positive change, fostering community initiatives, and organizing enriching events that embody the spirit of American University Kyiv.

If you would like to contact the current Student Council, please email them at: student.council@auk.edu.ua.

2023-2024 Student Council

Oleksandr Demchenko
Position: President
Academic Program: BBA 2023

Committees: Executive Committee (chair), Communications Committee (co-chair), External Affairs Committee (co-chair)
Kateryna Bykova
Position: Vice-President of Academics
Academic Program: BBA 2022

Committees: Executive Committee (co-chair), Academic Committee (chair)
Danylo Mamchur
Position: Vice President of Student Life
Academic Program: BSE 2022

Committees: Executive Committee (co-chair), Student Life Committee (chair)
Arina Kvasolia
Position: Treasurer
Academic Program: BGM 2023

Committees: Executive Committee (member), Budget Committee (chair)
Alona Tylyk
Position: Secretary
Academic Program: BSE 2023

Committees: Executive Committee (member), External Affairs Committee (chair)
AUK Educational Technologies

To provide world-class learning experiences with 24/7 access, we use Canvas Learning Management System (LMS). Canvas is the #1 LMS system in the United States. And now, AUK is among the top global universities worldwide that use Canvas. Together with our partner University – Arizona State University, Canvas is used by Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Stanford University, University of Oxford, and others.

AUK is also one of the first universities in Ukraine to provide students with a unique educational experience based on the Canvas LMS. It is one of the ways to fulfill a commitment to quality education based on American standards, academic integrity, the latest research ideas, and provide new learning experiences. With Canvas, you have everything you need in one place to make studying simple and comfortable. Both faculty and students benefit from the options providing maximum interactivity and user-friendliness and introducing a wide range of communication tools.

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