American Bachelor’s degrees in Ukraine

American University Kyiv (AUK) brings the power of a top-ranked American education system to Ukraine. AUK Bachelor's programs comply with American education standards, and support pathways for dual degrees with Arizona State University (ASU).

AUK Bachelor’s degrees offer curricula with a global perspective, as students learn in English under the guidance of leading international professors and industry experts.

During their first year of studies, students cover general education disciplines such as, public speaking, organizational leadership, psychology, economics, English composition, and computer applications. The following years’ curriculum offers experiential learning, uniquely designed to promote practical experience and critical thinking across multiple subject areas.

American Bachelor’s degrees in Ukraine
AUK gives you access to international education in Ukraine
American education standards American education standards

Immerse yourself in a program designed and delivered to the highest American education standards.

Powered by ASU Powered by ASU

Get the opportunity to gain diplomas from both AUK and Arizona State University, choosing to study online or on campus in the U.S.

English instruction English instruction

Hone your English language and communication skills to negotiate effectively at an international level.

Education that gives freedom
International faculty International faculty

Learn from distinguished international faculty and leading industry experts.

Modern campus Modern campus

Study at AUK’s state-of-the-art campus River Port in the heart of Kyiv, and enjoy the beautiful open areas for students to study and collaborate.

Career focus Career focus

Get on-the-job experience with leading experts in your field by joining AUK advanced internship programs.

Choose an AUK program and fill in the form. 2023 intake has started!
Engineering Technology
EPAM School of Digital Technologies
Bachelor of Data Science

The program’s curriculum consisting of mathematical core, data mining, big data, machine learning, and associated computer methods, will equip you with the knowledge and skills to become critical analyst and advanced user of data. You will be prepared for solving data-related problems in a variety of areas from business to research, as well as highly-demanded science and technology fields.

Fall 2023
Bachelor of Software Engineering

This program is developed based on ASU curriculum with EPAM expertise. It is a project-based program that will help students become proficient in coding and modeling, programming languages, software program development, and essential cyber security concepts for practicing creative problem-solving.

Fall 2023
Business and Management
School of Management
Bachelor of Marketing Science

The program is an advanced marketing education offering you a state-of-the-art curriculum in modern marketing science. You will study every aspect of the product lifecycle and develop the skills to identify consumer needs and desires to lead successful careers in literary every industry or become entrepreneurs launching their own businesses.

Fall 2023
Bachelor of Business Administration

Our program is developed based on ASU curriculum and aims to prepare you for many roles in a modern economy with the skills and knowledge needed to manage business operations. In this program, you will gain broad management skills that allow you to start a career in a wide range of industries.

Fall 2023
Bachelor of Global Management

Our program is developed based on ASU curriculum and it includes a hands-on global leadership and business knowledge and skills with intercultural communication training. It is structured to give you highly valued experience and developed skills to work in international companies, governments, and nonprofit entities with a solid global background.

Fall 2023
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