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AUK Prep - prepare yourself for success.

The AUK Prep Courses are aimed at students who want to improve their writing, speaking, reading, and listening skills in English. The сourses will provide you with the B2-level proficiency in English and strong skillset that you need to succeed in your chosen AUK Bachelor’s program.


As AUK programs are taught in English, entry requirements include a mandatory English language proficiency qualification. AUK Prep courses cover English proficiency test formats and prepare you for studying through English at university.

During the AUK Prep Courses, take career orientation tests to discover your strengths and future career path. Finish the courses with an accomplished CV and university motivation letter. Develop the confidence which will drive your career in the right direction.

Take this time to also develop the soft skills necessary to reach your full potential at university. Hone your time and project management, personal effectiveness, teamwork skills, and enhance your critical and creative thinking. Develop working relationships with your peers and experience what it means to be part of the vibrant AUK community.


Learning outcomes

Hone your English language skills

Learn with your peers through engaging with real-world scenarios, challenging exercises, speaking club, debates, and games. Finish with B2-level proficiency in English, a mandatory requirement to study at AUK. Develop test-taking strategies and achieve your language goals.

Benefit from career orientation

Discover where your career interests, skills and ambitions lie. Identify your professional goals and determine your strengths and weaknesses. Make career choices with confidence.

Get ready to become high-performing student

Develop the social skills and resilience to succeed at university. Improve your time management skills and personal effectiveness. Learn to manage projects, work in teams, and enhance your critical and creative thinking. Participate in AUK student events and prepare to continue your studies at university.

Become a part of AUK community

Get to know your fellow AUK students as you become part of a vibrant community. Learn how to work in pairs, groups, and teams. Create valuable connections as you are taught by AUK faculty online and on campus. Discover the standards of a top-ranked American education system in Ukraine.

About your instructors
Tetiana Semashko
Tetiana Semashko
Phil Quam
Phil Quam
Tamara Devine
Tamara Devine


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Pass free of charge English test

To qualify for this course, we propose you to pass Duolingo English Practice Test to check your approximate level.

Talk to an Enrollment advisor

Once you submit Apply now form, one of our enrolment advisors will contact you to walk you through the requirements.

Submit the application form with payment

To complete your enrollment on this program, you will need to submit the application form with payment to reserve a place on a course. Our enrollment advisor will help you on this stage. After that you will get admission confirmation.

What level of English will I have at the end of this course?

The AUK Prep course will help you to improve your English by at least one level. For example, if your current level is B1 - you will improve it to B2.

What subjects are taught during the university preparation part of the course?

During this part of the course, you will have the chance to feel like a real university student! We will teach you how to write a resume and motivation letter for university admission. You will learn about time management, goal setting, personal efficiency, and improve your teamwork skills and critical thinking. You will also learn about the resources available to you when you become a legitimate AUK student.

Does this course offer a certificate?

Upon completion of the AUK Prep course, students will receive a certificate. Those students who achieve a final grade of 70-100 will get a Certificate of completion. Those students who complete with a grade below 70 will get a Certificate of attendance.

Does this course offer any additional bonuses?

Successful completion of English qualification tests during AUK Prep course may count towards the English level requirement for entering AUK. Additionally, AUK Prep students are becoming part of AUK’s vibrant community of students and get access to the AUK Library as well as invitations to AUK events and on-campus lectures. AUK Prep student will also get a chance to meet AUK faculty and current AUK students.

Why should I take an English proficiency test?

To qualify for the AUK Prep course, it is important for us to understand your current level of English. To ensure you have relevant study materials and are effective in group assignments, your current English proficiency level should be at least B1.

What is the schedule of classes within the course?

The basic schedule of English classes is: Monday and Thursday, 18:00-19:30, as well as a Speaking Club on Saturdays either 10:00-11:00 or 11:00-12:00 (for the Speaking Club, students are divided into two smaller groups). Depending on the number of students and groups enrolled for the course, the timetable may change or be supplemented.

Can I pay by cash?

American University Kyiv does not accept cash payments. Payments may be made online via our website, or you may request an invoice from our accounting department.

What if I fail?

If you do not meet the requirements for completing the course, you will not be entitled to receive a Certificate of completion.

Enjoy your journey