Lifelong Learning

Societal changes require today’s high-level working professionals to be equipped with an adaptive, relevant skillset. Whether you have set your sights on a C-suite promotion, salary boost, or a horizontal career transition, AUK’s Lifelong Learning Programs offer a range of career-focused, tailored programs to meet your individual and organizational needs.

Our flexible learning models, developed to suit busy and varied lifestyles, provide an excellent way to develop new skills while taking practical steps towards achieving your career goals. Choose a course in your subject area of interest and learn from the best. Our international faculty of experts and academics will guide and inspire you along your learning journey, whether it takes one day or several months.

AUK’s Lifelong Learning programs are accessible to all who meet the entry criteria. Courses are delivered online, offline, and in a blended format. Learners will have the opportunity to meet with their tutors and peers and learn from engaging video content and reading materials. Fit your learning around your personal and professional commitments.

Find an AUK Lifelong Learning program to suit you. Expand your knowledge and watch others notice the difference.

Lifelong Learning
Global Leadership

Finding yourself a part of an expanding international team or organization brings exciting new opportunities. This 7-week online course will equip you with global leadership and entrepreneurship skills which will help you deal with new challenges and understand where to focus so you can enhance your career potential and achieve your goals.

$ 490
7 weeks
Wartime Behavioral Economics: breaking biases

Accepting change is one of the most important survival skills in war. In this course, you will learn how to understand the decision-making process along with the physical limitations of the brain under conditions of tremendous uncertainty and stress.

$ 290
4 weeks
Nov 29, 2022
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