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The future of IT
The future of IT
July 13
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  • Antonio Napolitano, Professor at Parthenope University, Italy. He has Ph.D. in Electronic Engineering and Computer Science from University of Napoli Federico II. Prof. Napolitano was a recipient of the EURASIP Best Paper Award for a paper on the functional approach in signal analysis (2007) and received the Most Cited Paper Award for a review article on cyclostationarity (2008). In 2022 Prof. Napolitano has been Elected Member of the Signal Processing Theory and Method Technical Committee of the IEEE Signal Processing Society.
  • Christiana Drake, Professor of Statistics at University of California, USA. The primary research interests are causal inference in observational studies and identifying prognostic factors with non-random missing outcomes. Prof. Drake has more than 80 publications in scientific journals, two book chapters and other publications in statistics. She received Ph.D. in Biostatistics from University of Washington and Master in Biostatistics from Harvard School of Public Health.
  • Aldo M. Garay, Professor in Statistics at Federal University of Recife, Brazil. He has more than 15 publications in scientific journals and chapters in 4 books. Since 2022 Prof. Garay has been a leader of the Statistical Modeling Research Group for Complex Data Certified by CNPq. He received Ph.D. in Statistics from São Paulo State University (Brazil) and M.S. in Statistics from Campinas State University (Brazil).
  • Jacek Leskow, Professor and Dean of EPAM School of Digital Technology, AUK, Ukraine. Dr. Leskow received Ph.D. in Statistics and Mathematics from Polish Academy of Sciences and had extensive experience in the field, working as the Director of National Cybersecurity Research Institute in Warsaw. He has an experience in Cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence (he was the principal investigator of research projects from NATO, University of California, National Center for Science (NCN) in Poland, Mexico and Brazil).
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