Systems and Design Thinking
About course

Today's world demands that each of us see a broader perspective when making decisions, consider interconnections within complex systems, be able to forecast the consequences of our actions and decisions, as well as to find ways to overcome problematic situations.

In the program on systems and design thinking, participants learn how to expand their understanding of the situation and their point of view to make correct decisions considering customer requests, available resources, and business interests.

Through analysis of examples, case studies, as well as individual and group exercises, the program introduces participants to the approaches of systems thinking for a comprehensive understanding of connections between business elements, as well as to the tools and stages of design thinking - an approach to creating user-centric solutions for the participants of the system.

About course
Upon completion of this workshop, you will be able to:
Develop a comprehensive vision

 for building and developing systems

Understand the connections

between elements of a system

Work with tasks holistically,

applying a systemic approach

Find systemic solutions

by analyzing and addressing the root causes of the problem

Cultivate human-centeredness

as an approach to improving activity and product

Master approaches to identifying user needs,

generating ideas, and creating effective prototypes

Utilize design thinking

to discover ideas that are valuable to both the business and the customer

Systems and Design Thinking
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This course is part of the Thinking Development Modular Program, which also includes courses on Creative and Lateral Thinking and Critical and Analytical Thinking. By purchasing the modular program, you get access to all three courses with a 30% discount

Start: December 16, 2024

Duration: 1 week

Format: Live online sessions + individual assignments

Language of instruction: Ukrainian

Participation fee: $129

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We are ready to answer all your questions. If you want to know more about the admission process, double degrees, <br>enrollment process, etc., write to us by filling out the form below. red_mark

Program structure

Module 1
Systems Thinking
  • Understanding Systems: definition of a system and its archetypes.

  • Examination of a system example and principles of its construction.

  • Systems thinking for problem-solving and decision-making.

Module 2
System Building
  • System Mapping and Modeling.

  • System Dynamics.

  • Scenario Planning.

Module 3
Design Thinking
  • Immersion in the topic of design thinking and inspiring case studies from global practice.

  • Empathize and Define: understanding the customer through studying experience.

  • Ideas Generation and Selection: creating target solutions.

  • Prototyping and Testing: rapid prototyping and feedback gathering.

About your instructor
Dr. Yuriy Bots, Dean, <br>School of Management, AUK
Dr. Yuriy Bots, Dean,
School of Management, AUK
Olha Shapovalova
Olha Shapovalova
Frequently asked questions
What is the language of instruction for this course?

The workshop will be conducted in Ukrainian, with additional materials provided for self-study in their original language (English and Ukrainian).

Are there any prerequisites for this course?

No, anyone interested can join the workshop.

What will be the learning process?

Throughout 3 online sessions, each lasting 2 hours, participants will receive not only theoretical foundations but also jointly review case studies and complete assignments to practice the material.

What kind of assignments will I have to complete?

Individual and/or group assignments and group case studies.

Will there be any additional materials provided after completing the course?

Yes, after completing the program, participants will receive a list of additional literature and information for further development.

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