Negotiation Essentials by EPAM

In business, as in life, you don't receive what you deserve. You achieve what you've negotiated for.


Start: July 22, 2024

Format: online

Language of instruction: English

Duration: 8 weeks

Participation fee: $590 (оплата в ГРН за курсом НБУ)

About course

The art of successful negotiation is a nuanced blend of communication, strategy, and psychology. Achieving excellence demands a passionate commitment to developing expertise across these domains. This course guides participants through every negotiation phase: preparation, rapport-building, persuasion, tactic use, conflict management, and countering manipulation. Furthermore, learners will gain insights into the practical application of negotiation strategies in real-world contexts, honing their ability to discern various approaches, leverage effective communication and trust-building techniques, and navigate objections and resistance.


Built upon internationally recognized methodologies and best practices in negotiation studies, this course adopts a hands-on, project-based learning approach. By immersing participants in real-life scenarios, it not only cultivates practical skills but also deepens their understanding of negotiation dynamics. This experiential approach prepares participants for professional roles, valued by employers both now and in the future.


The curriculum includes seven modules. Upon completion, participants receive a certificate, recognizing their proficiency and readiness for negotiation scenarios across various contexts.


Start: July 22, 2024

Format: online

Language of instruction: English

Duration: 8 weeks

Participation fee: $590 (paid in UAH at NBU rate)

About course
Learning outcomes
be able to identify and apply various negotiation styles and strategies

with a specific focus on adopting an interest-based negotiation approach for optimal outcomes

be able to establish and maintain effective communication with customers

understand their interests and needs, build trust, engage in small talk appropriately and use questioning techniques to focus on objectives effectively

be able to present proposals effectively in negotiations

select strong arguments to support their proposals, demonstrate genuine value to the customer, and navigate objections and resistance successfully

be able to effectively utilize distributive bargaining techniques

successfully close negotiations, summarize agreements, and reflect on their own performance for continuous improvement

be able to effectively handle conflict situations in negotiations

reduce emotional tension, transform conflicts into constructive discussions, and professionally respond to customer complaints and claims

be equipped to recognize and counteract manipulative tactics in negotiations

and effectively respond to emotional pressure or negativity from the opposing side

know common behavior patterns that help or hinder effective negotiations

be able to change unsuccessful patterns of behavior and become more efficient

be able to find new ways to solve problems in managers’ work
Negotiation Essentials by EPAM

Start: July 22, 2024
Duration: 8 weeks
Format: Live online sessions + individual assignments
Language of instruction: English
Participation fee: $590 (paid in UAH at NBU rate)

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Course structure

Module 1
Preparation for negotiations.

Negotiation styles and strategies. Interest-based negotiation: preparation scheme.

Module 2
Building contact with the customer, clarifying interests and needs.

How to build trust, establish emotional contact with the customer effectively. Do’s and Don’ts of small talk. Setting goals and focusing on them. Finding out positions and interests. Using questions effectively.

Module 3
Selling ideas, persuasive argumentation.

How to make proposals in negotiations and choose the best arguments to support them. Showing real value for the customer. Dealing with objections and controversy, moving past resistance.

Module 4
Discussing terms – bargaining techniques.

Distributive bargaining approach: tips and tricks. Closing negotiations, summarizing agreements. Self-review.

Module 5
Conflict negotiations.

The dos and don`ts of dealing with conflict. Decreasing emotional tension, converting conflict into a constructive discussion. Responding to complaints and claims from the customer.

Module 6
Dealing with emotional pressure and manipulative tactics.

Recognizing manipulative tactics in negotiations. Possible responses. Rules for responding to emo-tional pressure/negativity from the other side

Module 7
Advanced persuasion techniques

SPIN method: problem-solution path. 6 principles of persuasion by Robert Cialdini.

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