02 червень 2022

American University Kyiv Announces its Fall Enrollment with Unprecedented Wartime Scholarship Portfolio

American University Kyiv Announces its Fall Enrollment with Unprecedented Wartime Scholarship Portfolio

In collaboration with Arizona State University and the Cintana Alliance, the new American University Kyiv is bringing a transformative higher education experience to Ukrainian students, providing a world-class education aligned to serve the needs of wartime and post-war Ukrainian economy.

KYIV, UKRAINE – 02.06.2022 American University Kyiv (AUK) starts its enrollment this fall and invites Ukrainian students to pursue undergraduate and graduate degrees. Understanding the challenges of the terrible russian war against Ukraine and how many Ukrainians are temporary displaced abroad, AUK is launching its programs online during fall 2022 with the strong commitment to welcome its students soon in the flagship Kyiv RiverPort campus. Moreover, AUK will offer all successfully admitted students 75% guaranteed scholarships to provide talented Ukrainians with the access to the highest U.S. standard education available today in Ukraine.

“Education is the foundation for the future prosperity of Ukraine.” Said Dr. Rick Shangraw, AUK Founding President “We believe that after this terrible war, Ukraine will emerge stronger and more resilient. Today, we are aiming to prepare the new generation of professionals to rebuild Ukraine and make it the most successful country in the region. With these significant wartime scholarships, we contribute to Ukraine’s victory and its future rebirth.”

AUK is the first university in Ukraine designed as an innovative world-class institution with its foundation fully based on U.S. higher education standards. It is also the first university to partner with Arizona State University (ASU), one of the largest and the most innovative university in the U.S., through a 25-year agreement. This partnership gives AUK access to ASU curriculum, exchange programs and unique opportunities to offer dual degrees from both universities – AUK and ASU. 

Degrees: This fall, AUK will offer online programs both at the undergraduate and graduate levels. 

For undergraduate students, AUK will offer BS in Business Administration, Global Management and Software Engineering. The Global Management program is unique in the Ukrainian market as it gives AUK students understanding of global markets and prepares them to lead multi-national and global organizations in Ukraine and across the world. 

For postgraduate students, AUK will offer MS in Global Management with a focus on international economics, inter-cultural communications, and other skills important to the global environment. To strengthen Ukraine’s IT competitive advantage, AUK will also launch an MS in Software Engineering. 

Dual degrees: Through a combination of online and in-person studies, AUK students now have an opportunity to obtain diplomas from both American University Kyiv and Arizona State University. Among the offered models, there is a unique accelerated Master’s degree, which will offer 4 years of Bachelor study in AUK and 1 year of Master study at ASU. 

The Dual Bachelor’s degree has two options to choose from:

3+1:  3 years studying at AUK (Bachelor’s degree from AUK),  1 year studying at ASU (Bachelor’s degree from ASU)  

4+1: 4 years studying at AUK (Bachelor’s degree from AUK), 1 year studying at ASU (Accelerated Master´s degree from ASU)  

The Dual Master’s degree includes: 

1+1: 1 year studying at AUK (Master’s degree from AUK),1 year studying at ASU (Master’s degree from ASU)  

Scholarships: Today, understanding how much Ukraine’s economy and financial capacity of Ukrainians were harmed due to the war, AUK designed a unique approach to scholarships.  Guaranteed scholarships will be provided to all successfully admitted students in 2022 and will constitute 75% for undergraduate costs for two academic years and 60% for graduate costs during one academic year.

“Today AUK offers a unique educational model for Ukraine. It is based on the high standards of American education, curriculum powered by Arizona State University, dual degrees and international faculty.” Said Dr. Roman Sheremeta, AUK Founding Rector. “This combination allows us to offer the best U.S.-standard education in Ukraine for the ambitious and academically strong students. We are looking forward to welcome such learners this fall to start their exciting academic journey and to bring AUK’s slogan  Education that gives freedom  into a reality”.

AUK’s faculty include leading academics from around the world, as well as from Ukraine. Among them are Fulbright Scholars, highly ranked scientists according to Forbes Magazine, and recipients of prestigious European and U.S. awards. AUK faculty have taught at universities in the U.S. and Europe, including Purdue University, Florida State University, University of Toronto, University of Amsterdam, Erasmus University, and many others.  AUK faculty brings a unique global perspective and approach to the classroom.


American University Kyiv – is the first private university offering a U.S. higher education standard in Ukraine through its partnership with Arizona State University (ASU), one of the largest universities in the U.S. and ranked by U.S. News & World Report as the most innovative university in the U.S. In Ukraine its founding partners include: EPAM Systems, BGV Group Management, Academy DTEK, Brain, Channel Georgian Consulting, Georgian American University. 

Contact person for interviews, exclusive comments and other questions:

Oksana Rudiuk, (063) 210 00 69, oksana.rudiuk@auk.edu.ua