15 березень 2024

American University Kyiv Appoints Dr. Jacek Leskow as its Rector

American University Kyiv Appoints Dr. Jacek Leskow as its Rector

KYIV, UKRAINE – 15.03.2024 American University Kyiv (AUK) announced the appointment of Dr. Jacek Leskow as its new Rector, ushering in a new era of academic excellence and innovation. With a dynamic vision for the future, Dr. Leskow will bring a wealth of experience and expertise to lead academic team and continue strategic growth of AUK. Dr. Leskow assumes the responsibility of guiding the university forward. On his new position, Dr. Leskow will replace Roman Sheremeta, who made an extraordinary contribution to the opening and rapid growth of the university despite the hardest war time, as AUK Founding Rector. Dr. Sheremeta will continue his cooperation with AUK as its Distinguished Visiting Professor and a dedicated supporter of Ukraine.

Prior to his appointment, Dr. Leskow served as the Dean of AUK EPAM School of Digital Technologies, where he spearheaded programs and initiatives focused on academic excellence, career-centricity and forging strong IT industry partnerships. Now, in his role as Rector, Dr. Leskow will build upon this foundation, working to enhance AUK's academic offerings, and programs, strengthen various scientific research, outreach campaigns, strengthening cooperation with Arizona State University and other issues.

Dr. Jacek Leskow received Ph.D. in Statistics and Mathematics from Polish Academy of Sciences. He has a professional experience in Cybersecurity, AI and data science: was Director of National Cybersecurity Research Institute in Warsaw, principal investigator of research projects from NATO, University of California, National Center for Science in Poland, Mexico and Brazil, has headed the Ministry of Digitalization group developing the strategy of AI for Poland and has created the European Digital Innovation Hub in Cracow focused on applications of cybersecurity and AI in energy and transportation sector.

Also, Dr. Leskow has managed the project of creating the National Institute of Data Science sponsored by National Center of Research and Development in Poland, and created learning environments for University Data Science programs using R, SPSS, SAS in Poland, US, Mexico, Ukraine and Brazil). Dr. Leskow has management and international experience, working in the US, Poland, Mexico, Brazil, France, Ukraine and Kyrgyzstan. For almost 20 years, Dr Leskow was first full-time and then part-time Professor at University of California in Santa Barbara and Davis campuses.

AUK President Dan Rice outlined, “We are glad to welcome a distinguished academic Jacek Leskow as AUK Rector and wish him a lot of new successes, ambitious, talented students and great academic colleagues and collaborations. Being AUK Dean, Dr. Leskow already demonstrated high leadership skills in bringing a number of innovations to AUK and uniting high level professionals around our institution.

Also, I would like to thank Roman Sheremeta for his transformative leadership during these two years of highly challenging in the history of Ukraine and the institution.”

Dr. Jacek Leskow, AUK Rector stressed, “I am highly honored to lead AUK as its Rector, to share my academic, professional and teaching experiences and my passion for modern and transformative education with my colleagues, partners and students. From its establishment in February 2022, just three weeks before the war, AUK has achieved incredible things as a brand-new educational institution in  Ukraine, fighting in a dramatic struggle for its independence and future today. I am grateful to the AUK team for the fantastic work they have done and proud to be a part of AUK’s mission to educate the new generation of Ukrainian leaders and gives them the best opportunities and tools for creating the better future for them and for Ukraine. As a Polish citizen, I see my service to AUK as a contribution to the fight  for freedom of Ukraine and Poland.”


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