23 лютий 2024

American University Kyiv has graduated its first cohort of Masters!

American University Kyiv has graduated its first cohort of Masters!

The first cohort of AUK Master students of EPAM School of Digital Technologies and School of Management got their diplomas at the special ceremony designed with full accordance to US academic traditions. These are 23 students who were the first one to enter AUK in Fall 2022 despite of the wartime challenges and hardships.

The Graduation ceremony took place in AUK's iconic campus having gathered the graduates, their family members, faculty and prominent guests. Vitaliy Klychko, Kyiv’s mayor, Kurt Volker, the US Ambassador to NATO and the US Special Representative for Ukraine Negotiations, Cagri Bagcioglu, a CEO of Eastern Europe and Central Asia in Cintana Education Alliance, Nancy Gonzales, the Executive Vice-President and the Provost of Arizona State University addressed the graduates with motivational and inspiriting speeches.

During his welcome speech, Vitaliy Klychko congratulated the first cohort of AUK graduates and addressed them with the words, "Today you are not just obtaining an education for yourself, but for the whole country, since you will be the future architects of the new Ukraine. Fight for our freedom with the same honor that our warriors do on the battlefield. Believe in yourself and your country. Together we will overcome everything! As an athlete, I want to wish you never to give up. Only forward to victory! We will win! Glory to Ukraine!"

At AUK Graduation Ceremony we had a special guest, a Regional CEO of Cintana Education in Eastern Europe and Central Asia and AUK Board Member, Cagri Bagcioglu, who congratulated AUK with such inspiring words, “It is with great honor that I bring to you the heartfelt congratulations and well wishes from over 400,000 students, faculty, and staff members of the Cintana Alliance member institutions and Arizona State University. Your journey, from the inception of this university to this very day, has been nothing short of extraordinary. In the face of challenges, uncertainties, and adversities, you have persevered with resilience, determination, and unwavering dedication. Your accomplishments speak volumes about your character, your intellect, and your potential to shape the future of Ukraine and beyond”.

Nancy Gonzales, Provost of Arizona State University, expressed her pride in AUK's achievement during her keynote speech stating, "When we started AUK and ASU we knew how important it would be to provide students the access to a university during this historic moment of hardship. Learning is an act of hope and a belief in the future. While other forces try to move us backwards, education empowers us to move forward. The collaboration between American University Kyiv and Arizona State University within the ASU-Cintana Alliance highlights a shared commitment to academic excellence, innovation, and the success of students across the globe.”

The first cohort of Master students of EPAM School of Digital Technologies and School of Management received warm congratulations on their successful graduation from AUK President Dan Rice, the highly dedicated American supporter of Ukraine. Addressing AUK graduates Dan Rice outlined, “I am honored to be a graduate of the US Military Academy at West Point. I was thinking about this graduation today at AUK, and I realized that I went to university in peacetime preparing to lead in wartime. I never imagined in my wildest imagination, that I would be leading a university in wartime, preparing students to lead Ukraine in peacetime. And winning the peace is as important as to win the war. There will be thousands of future graduates from this incredible institution, and they will always look to your leadership as the first graduating class. You have not only been a witness to history - you have made the history.”

AUK Graduation Ceremony was designed as a true American ceremony of graduation, with all the necessary and traditional parts that our graduates, students, faculty, team and honored guests had a chance to see for the first time at AUK Campus. This graduation was so special because the AUK Oath of Honor, AUK Alma Mater University Song, and AUK Alumni Association were announced.

The official part started with the tradition of pronouncing the Oath of Honor, which reminded all the guests of the key principles that AUK is committed to. At this part, Jake McGrew as AUK Head of Student Life Department took part in announcing the AUK Oath of Honor.

Congratulations on your transition from AUK students to AUK alumni! Remember your oath – to exemplify the values of honesty, integrity, freedom, and service. Wherever you go and whatever your mission will be, please remember that AUK will always be with you” – addressed Jake McGrew to the students afterward.

At AUK Graduation Ceremony the official launch of AUK Alumni Association was announced, and our graduates became the first honored members of it. Mark Voyger, AUK Alumni Supervisor, and AUK Director of Global Management program, in his welcoming words to students, emphasized:

We have created AUK Alumni Association as a platform where you, our graduates, can continue the journey to foster a lifelong global community that continues to learn, network and engage, united by this enduring spirit of our wonderful university.”

We congratulate the first AUK Masters with strong beliefs in their future and significant contribution to Ukraine’s recovery!