17 травень 2023

American University Kyiv Appoints Dr. Jacek Leskow as Dean of AUK EPAM School of Digital Technologies

American University Kyiv Appoints Dr. Jacek Leskow as Dean of AUK EPAM School of Digital Technologies

American University Kyiv (AUK) appoints Dr. Jacek Leskow as a Dean of AUK EPAM School of Digital Technologies, which offers innovative IT higher education in both BS and MS programs, and started enrollment for 2023-2024 academic year.   

Dr. Jacek Leskow received Ph.D. in Statistics and Mathematics from Polish Academy of Sciences and had extensive experience in the field, working as the Director of National Cybersecurity Research Institute in Warsaw. Dr. Leskow has an extensive professional experience in Cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence (was principal investigator of research projects from NATO, University of California, National Center for Science (NCN) in Poland, Mexico and Brazil.

He has also headed the Ministry of Digitalization group developing the strategy of AI for Poland and has created the European Digital Innovation Hub in Krakow focused on applications of cybersecurity and AI in energy and transportation sector. He has chaired the program in Data Science at Cracow University of Technology in Poland, has managed the project of forming the National Institute of Data Science sponsored by National Center of Research and Development (NCBR) in Poland, and created learning environments for University Data Science programs using R, SPSS, SAS in Poland, US, Mexico, Ukraine and Brazil. Moreover, Jacek Leskow has management and international experience, working in the US, Poland, Mexico, Brazil, France, Ukraine and Kyrgyzstan.

“We are happy to welcome Dr. Leskow to AUK team as a Dean of EPAM School of Digital Technologies. In addition to his incredible professional experience, Dr. Leskow is also the man of action, having been active in Poland in the late 1970s-80s, participating in the anti-communist underground and working for the independence of Poland. I truly believe that, having moved to Ukraine from Poland and the US, he will bring the best US practices to strengthen EPAM School of Digital Technologies and lead it in the best way” – stressed Dr. Roman Sheremeta, AUK Rector.

Jacek Leskow is responsible for leading the faculty team of EPAM School of Digital Technologies, for synchronization of academic programs with Arizona State University and for the design of new courses and internships to make the study in AUK business-centered and based on today’s trends and strategies of real business environment.

“I am proud to become a part of American University Kyiv, for me it’s a great chance to share my experience in a country, which will be leading in a number technology-driven industries after the war. This is a professional and personal desire to be a part of education for growth of new generation of Ukrainian leaders. We should focus on cybersecurity, AI, data science and their applications in various sectors to prepare our graduates for relevant roles in Ukraine and the world. Our task is to make AUK students highly successful and provide them with skills of high demand in the market” – emphasized Dr. Jacek Leskow, AUK Dean of EPAM School of Digital Technologies.


American University Kyiv – is the first private university offering a U.S. higher education standard in Ukraine through its partnership with Arizona State University (ASU), one of the largest universities in the U.S. and ranked by U.S. News & World Report as the most innovative university in the U.S. In Ukraine its founding partners include: EPAM Systems, BGV Group Management, Academy DTEK, Brain, Channel Georgian Consulting, Georgian American University.

Contact person for interviews: Oksana Rudiuk, (063) 210 00 69, oksana.rudiuk@auk.edu.ua