05 жовтень 2022



KYIV, UKRAINE05.10.2022 Today AUK starts its Spring intake for two popular Masters’ programs – Software Engineering and Global Management. Both spring programs are based on curriculum of Arizona State University (ASU) and provide pathways for double diplomas: from AUK and ASU. The start of spring semester is in February 2023.

“AUK American University Kyiv invites to enter these programs those professionals who already have master’s degrees but would like to upgrade them with new global knowledge more relevant to their current business careers and boost them further. Today the demand for the high-level education among working professions is dynamically growing. Thus, we offer our masters’ programs twice a year to meet this high need in new skills provided by American system of education”, outlined the spring intake benefits Dr. Rick Shangraw, AUK Founding President.

AUK admission process is designed taking into consideration the fact that most applicants have fulltime jobs. It consists of the following stages: application, motivational letter and written evaluation of program-related knowledge of potential students. To expand access to these programs AUK offers all its admitted students 40% guaranteed scholarships for the first academic year and 20% - for the second one.

“In Fall intake we had to increase the number of places for MS in Global Management by 50% due to tremendous demand for it. During this admission campaign we expect the similar strong interest to our programs due to their global components which are important for future economic rebirth of Ukraine. I am highly impressed by our AUK students. It is a great honor for us to teach such people and help them growing as future leaders of the country”, commented Dr. Roman Sheremeta, AUK Founding Rector.

Today MS in Global Management is unique for the Ukrainian market as it gives knowledge of global markets and prepares AUK students to lead global organizations. MS in Software Engineering is targeted at the professionals willing to upgrade their current careers both with IT and managerial skills. This program is provided in the EPAM School of Digital Technologies designed in close cooperation with this top IT services company, world leader in digital engineering and consulting services.

Understanding the war challenges and how many Ukrainians are temporary displaced abroad, this fall AUK launched its programs online with the strong belief to welcome its students soon in the flagship Kyiv RiverPort campus. The university plans to provide Fall, 2022 and Spring, 2023 students with the hybrid or offline classes as soon as the security situation permits.




American University Kyiv (www.auk.edu.ua) – is a private university offering a U.S. higher education standard in Ukraine through its partnership with Arizona State University (ASU), one of the largest universities in the U.S. and ranked by U.S. News & World Report as the most innovative university in the U.S. In Ukraine, its founding partners include: EPAM Systems, BGV Group Management, Academy DTEK, Brain, Channel Georgian, Georgian American University.

Contact person for interviews, comments and other questions: Oksana Rudiuk, (063) 210 00 69, oksana.rudiuk@auk.edu.ua