17 листопад 2023

AUK welcomed the principals of Kyiv schools at AUK Campus

AUK welcomed the principals of Kyiv schools at AUK Campus

This week at AUK Campus, Yuriy Bots, Doctor of Economics, Dean of the School of Management at American University Kyiv, held a workshop on Emotional Intelligence's role and essence. It was designed specifically for principals from Kyiv private schools: Novopecherska School, Educator, AISU - American international school and university, Liko-School, Financial and Legal Lyceum, Grand-Expo школа онлайн, and others.

During the workshop, the participants studied not only various theoretical approaches but also resolved a number of practical experiences: learned how to recognize emotions and behavioral patterns, listen to the opponent actively, and be empathetic. Most importantly, they received the tools to advance their personal and professional lives quickly and effectively.

“We were glad to organize this workshop for the school principals who are today 200% involved in raising a new generation and to share the new approaches and exercises. Personally, I am very happy for the partnering schools since I see highly open-minded, ready-to-gain and implement new knowledge schools’ leaders who bring a lot of new ideas and innovations to make Ukraine academically stronger and more successful," emphasized Yuriy Bots.

We thank the leaders of schools for their willingness to drive positive changes for the country.

We are open to hosting more such valuable meetings and making our contribution to Ukraine’s success!